Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cool And Sexy Tattoo Placements For Girls

Tattoos can make you as attractive as you wish if you choose the right design and right placement. There are several body locations that are very common among girls for tattooing. Most popular places to ink for women are as follows:

Lower back: The tattoo on the lower back is ranked among the most painful tattoos. Having a tattoo there will make you look more attractive and sexy. This area permits you to display off your tattoo when you wish to and also hide it if required. Low rise jeans with a short top are the best wear to display your lower back tattoo. Common designs for this area are angel, sun, butterfly and dolphin.

Ankle: Ankle is another popular tattoo place and great option for small designs in girls. Ankle tattoos are very feminine and good for working women. It can easily cover up by wearing stockings or socks. Small images for this area can make you cool and the rule for small tattoos is "the simpler the better". Flower, butterfly and stars are common designs for ankle.

Wrist: At present, wrist tattoos are of course one of the hottest trends in the tattoo world. It can be done as an inner wrist tattoo or in the form of bracelets. Tiny images are suitable for this area.

Foot: Foot tattoos are another great option for every woman. If you consider that you have had ugly feet till now, then you can make your feet look sexy with a foot tattoo. Putting a tattoo on your foot is extremely painful because there is almost no muscle on your feet. Star and flowers are cool for this area.

Neck: Neck is one of the sexiest areas to ink. Since most workplaces don't allow visible tattoos, if you want to put a tattoo on your neck you should notice that neck tattoos are difficult or impossible to cover up. It can be hidden from view if you have long hair, so you can't put your hair up or cut it. The best design for neck is star or small flowers.

Shoulder blade: Shoulder blade tattoos have higher visibility and at the same time it can be hidden easily. The most favorite designs for this area are flowers and butterflies.

Hip: The hip is where the leg bone connects to the rest of the body. Hip tattoos are primarily for females and there are a few men who have tattoos on their hips. If you are going to put a tattoo on your hip keep in mind that it is quite painful. Small fairies, butterflies and flowers work well in this part.

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